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February 28th, 2008

In 2002, Africa Israel and Canada’s Christina purchased the rights and license for the international Zara and Pull and Bear clothing chains.
Today, the company operates and manages 14 Zara stores and 12 Pull and Bear stores in exclusive locations throughout Israel.

The Zara and Pull and Bear chains are part of Africa Israel, whose shares are traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, and is involved in a wide -range of real estate and commercial operations in Israel and abroad.

The Size of the Company and Volume of Operations
The 26 Zara and Pull and Bear stores are situated in prime, strategic locations in various malls throughout Israel, with sales reaching NIS 270 million in 2004. The companies’ emphasis on quality service is conveyed through the name they chose for their head offices – Service Offices.

Special Designs and Styles
The Zara brand, which is recognized throughout Israel, originated in Spain and today, the company has thousands of stores in 60 countries throughout the world. Zara’s stores offer diverse fashions for the whole family under one roof and boast a rich and varied range of fashionable, elegant styles at attractive prices. The company distinguishes itself in the industry by quickly responding to the requirements and demands of each of the markets in which it operates.

All the chain’s 14 stores in Israel are of at least 1,000 square meters. The stores offer clothes for the whole family: women, men and children as well as fashion accessories, perfumes and shoes. The company employs a skilled sales team who are dedicated to maintaining a fashionable appearance at the stores. Hundreds of original designs, the creations of its own talented designers, are air delivered to the chain’s stores twice a week keeping them continuously well stocked. The large, well-lit stores are set up as open, roomy spaces that create a warm and pleasant shopping experience.

The Pull and Bear brand also originated in Spain and currently has hundreds of stores in dozens of countries throughout the world. The chain specializes in youthful, trendy, sporty fashions geared towards people between the ages of 16-35. For its customers, Pull and Bear represents not only a purchasing experience but also a choice of lifestyle.

Work Method
The motto chosen by the company, “Dedicated to Service,” is expressed in its style of management, in catering to customers’ desires, and in its flexibility in immediately adapting to local sizes, colors and styles. The product managers are in direct online contact with offices abroad, which enables orders made on Sunday to arrive at stores no later than Wednesday.

In addition, Zara Spain sends four production managers to Israel each month in order to meet the rising demands of the local market for their fashions. The dynamic company delivers new non-mass produced items to its stores every two weeks, according to the needs of the local market. The collection usually includes 20,000 different items, which are delivered exactly on time in order to avoid storage costs.

The company’s vision is expressed in its continuous effort to be a leading brand in the market by offering a wide range of fashions that are adapted to the demands of the local market and display a full array of international fashions.

The Zara and Pull and Bear chains plan to open additional stores in locations that suit the image they wish to convey and serve. The company has set a goal for itself to reach an annual sales revenue of NIS 500-600 million by providing a matchless level of service. ...

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