Priority development : International
Countries/Regions already covered : United Kingdom
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ANC Express is widely acclaimed as the nation's number one express delivery service for flexibility, reliability and quality of service. The combination of all these attributes puts ANC Express in a league of its own.

Cost & Fees for : United Kingdom
Franchise Fee : Vary depending upon the territory
Personnal investment : Vary depending upon the territory
Total investment : Vary depending upon the territory
Royalty fee : Vary depending upon the territory

Established in 1981, ANC Group has developed into one of the most flexible logistics organisations in the United Kingdom, with more than 4000 people and a fleet of 2200 vehicles, operating from 105 locations.

Total management of control over the key elements of your business
An existing customer base providing revenues from commencement
The provision of working capital finance
National and local investment as a franchisee in ANC's overall development
A common commitment and a desire to provide exceptional service quality across the Network
Access to customer focussed IT solutions and training, to benefit you and your customers
A developing range of services, addressing the changing needs of your customers
Strength of the corporate structure and brand

Our selection is based primarily upon business acumen and commitment. Whilst funding is important, it is not the primary criterion.

After all we have a duty of care to you and our existing Network to protect your investment by ensuring only the strongest applicants join. We will continue to be a fast growing and responsive Company. This requires franchisees who are ambitious yet sensitive to their customers needs. We therefore source business people who will work hard not only to win new business but also to develop and grow their relationships with existing customers.

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Parkhouse East Industrial Estate, - ST5 7RB - Chesterton - United Kingdom

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