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Priority development : International
Countries/Regions already covered : Austria, Cyprus
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Akakiko is a casual Japanese dining concept. First-rate ingredients, first-rate preparation and quick, friendly service ensure that Akakiko is popular with the young and with the old. Akakiko is the clear market leader in Asian food in Austria.

Cost & Fees for : International
Franchise Fee : 30.000
Personnal investment : 1/3
Total investment : 100.000-1.000.000,-
Royalty fee : 5%

Founded in 1994, it is a market leader in its sector in Austria.

6 to 9 weeks training in Austria plus 4 weeks onsite support by an opening team. Regular visits. Additional training if needed. Support in choosing locations. Complete kitchen planning. Support in restaurant design. Support in choosing suppliers and foodstuffs. Supply of foodstuffs if needed. Elaborate, tested web-based software for home delivery, run on our servers.

Should be hands-on. Must have willingness and enjoy to work with people form different cultures. Must be good motivator and have a manic customer orientation.

Michael Friedlaender - Head of Franchise
Kuenstlergasse 11 - A-1150 - Vienna - Austria

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