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As an Auditel specialist, you act as a trusted advisor to organisations across the UK and Ireland, helping them to save both time and money.

Auditel’s success is built on a straightforward fact: cost and purchase management takes time and specialist expertise, both commodities in short supply for many businesses.

As a result, they are spending thousands of pounds more than they should on their essential business costs.

This is where Auditel’s consultancy comes in.

Every Auditel project involves a thorough retrospective audit and needs analysis, in order to devise a strategic cost management plan – one that will guarantee not only immediate savings, but also sustained business cost management in areas such as:

• Communications
• Utilities
• Facilities management
• Premises-related overheads
• Finance

Auditel clients

As an Auditel specialist, you can work with clients ranging from the hospitality, construction and entertainment sectors to charitable organisations.

Some of our recent successes are detailed below.

• Nine years' collaboration with Auditel saves PizzaExpress more than £2.7m
• Peace of mind for Aardman Animation
• Every penny counts for the YMCA

It’s all very well having a business system that can be replicated, but how will the franchisor train you to use it? Do they provide ongoing training to keep you up-to-date with new developments in your markets? Will this cost you extra? (If so, you’ll need to factor training into your business plan.) Who provides the training? Is it delivered in-house by franchisees who have practical knowledge of the subjects they are training or is it delivered by outsourced third parties?

You should ask similar questions about the ongoing support programme, assuming they have one. If they don’t, then you will need to consider progressing your application very carefully.

Things you need to know include:
• Who is involved in providing ongoing support?

• What level of access to support is covered in the franchise and ongoing fees?

• Is access to support limited in any way?

• Will you have to pay any extra fees to access ongoing support?

Something else you should consider is whether they provide any personal support. If you have been used to the security of paid employment then becoming self-employed can be an enormous lifestyle change.

It can be quite a lonely experience at first and some people find adjusting to their new working environment quite an emotional challenge. As employees, we have friends and colleagues we can share our worries with, but as a self-employed franchisee, who will you turn to?

Some franchisors take this into account and organise or facilitate regular meetings of franchisees to encourage social interaction and mutual support. They may even have a personal development or individual mentoring programme to help their franchisees achieve success.

As a franchisee, you will enter into a long-term business and personal relationship with your franchisor. It’s very important, therefore, that you trust them and feel comfortable dealing with them.

It’s a good idea to have a look around their offices when you visit for your initial interview. Meet as many of the team as possible and get a feel for the way they work. If they want to meet you off-site, ask if you can drop into the offices for a visit. If they’re reluctant to let you do this, it might be worth investigating why.

When you speak to existing franchisees, ask them how they get on with the franchisor. Do they feel supported and part of a team or do they feel isolated? Is the franchisor friendly and approachable? Does the franchisor respond to questions and suggestions? Is there a franchisee representative body that is involved in any of the decision-making processes? Are there regular opportunities to meet with the franchisor (e.g. quarterly meetings)? Is there an internal newsletter to keep franchisees up-to-date with developments within the organisation?

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