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Cottage Industries
Priority development : Ireland, United Kingdom
Countries/Regions already covered : Ireland, United Kingdom
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Franchising is one of the fastest growing business sectors in the UK. Essentially it is a way of owning and operating your own business but with the support of a third party. Franchisees can earn an income from their business and same time increase the value of their business. We are full members of the British Franchise Association and the company has been established for 15 years.

Cost & Fees for : Ireland, United Kingdom
Franchise Fee : -
Personnal investment : 7000€
Total investment : -
Royalty fee : -

The company was formed in 1988 and initially published greeting cards supplying retailers through a Franchisee network. The company was one of the first Franchised Greeting Card publishers in the UK. The company flourished in the 90’s. Candy Cottage Confectionery Franchise network was founded in 1997 and subsequently Top Beat home entertainment Franchise was founded in 2001. The company today operates 72 Franchises supplying the above product Categories to independent retailers throughout the UK and Ireland. Franchisees operate a consignment stocking system where the retailer only pays for what has been sold.

Greetings Cards
The UK market is worth £1.2bn and growing at 5% annually. The British send more greetings cards/ head than any other nation. The Appletree collection covers all seasons and occasions. We are continuously introducing new designs to ourdiverse collection of cards. We also market a unique range of handmade cards under the Lucy brand. Our seasonal cards are free issue to our Franchisees and are invoiced on what has been sold—residual stock is returned to head office.

Confectionery The UK Confectionery market is worth £4.5bn and is the third largest consumer market after alcohol and tobacco.Our range includes 150gm bagged sweets(24 Varieties), 70gm bagged 3 for £1 sweets ( 28 Varieties), Megapops, Twisters,and a complete range of impulse and novelty lines, including Candy Floss, lollipops and Bubble Gum Products. We also market a quality range of Belgian Chocolates incorporating a Greetings e.g. ' I love You', 'Thank You'. etc...

The Top Beat product range includes, a comprehensive range of nostalgic CD's, artists include Sinatra and Elvis. Our DVD range includes 250 titles that are updated every 3 months. Our CD's and DVD's are very competitively priced in the market and retail at £2.99. We also distribute seasonal CD's and DVD's ( e.g. Christmas titles).

Setting up a business of your own is a big step for anyone. But, when you join an established Franchise group like Cottage Industries you have the help and support of a very capable organisation behind you. As full members of the British Franchise Association you also know that our business has attained the highest level that there is in UK franchising. Cottage Industries Franchisees run a business that gives them a unique balance to their work/life situation. Most businesses simply can't achieve this, but as a Cottage Industries franchisee a flexible working day is the norm, not the exception. Our Franchisees have come from all walks of life, but they all had one thing in common - a desire to leave the Rat Race and do something for themselves. We have done it for others - we can do it for you!

Because each Franchisee works from home a Cottage Industries franchise has very few overheads. There is no need for special premises, most franchisees simply use the spare room or garage. Similarly many franchisees use a normal family car, although once your business gets going you may find it easier to switch to a good sized estate car, people carrier or even a small van. This is particularly true if you are carrying confectionery! Greeting Cards and cds on the other hand are more compact. Because there are no staff or premises the only real costs in the business are the franchisees own drawings and Transport. However, there are several personal qualities that are required! This is a people business and that means that you need to be able to communicate at all levels with all races, a pleasant personality is a must. Most Franchisees will also tell you that a high level of self discipline is required because there is no start or end time to the average day - it's under each franchisees control!

Cottage Industries
Paul Bennett - Franchising
399a Harrogate Road - BD2 3TF - Bradford - United Kingdom

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