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Cuts Fitness For Men
Priority development : United States
Countries/Regions already covered : Ireland, Mexico, United States
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Cuts Fitness For Men is based on a clear principal that fitness promotes a healthy lifestyle and that exercise in a comfortable, safe and friendly environment is the key to success for many men typically uninspired by traditional gym settings. The real key to the success of Cuts Fitness For Men is the core idea that exercise in a comfortable, relationship-oriented environment is a better suited option for many men in achieving their fitness goals. Cuts is passionate about providing a fitness alternative for men focused on improving self-image, weight loss, and a healthy outlook with others sharing the same goals.

Cost & Fees for : United States
Franchise Fee : 39,5K
Personnal investment : -
Total investment : 67,5K-104,7K
Royalty fee : -

The Need:
Years of research and science have proven that a regularly scheduled program of exercise at least three times a week can reduce weight, improve self-image, strengthen the heart and improve the quality of life in individuals. Despite this knowledge, an overwhelming number of men choose not to exercise for a variety of reasons. While some will always make excuses, many have genuine reasons and concerns for not utilizing regular exercise. Feeling overwhelmed or even intimidated by the standard gym setting can keep many newcomers from entering a typical fitness center. Often family and work commitments keep men from starting an exercise program as well. Cuts Fitness For Men understands these concerns and has designed a proven 30-minute fitness program that helps men achieve their health goals in a comfortable setting and in a manageable amount of time.

The Program:
Cuts Fitness For Men offers a complete body strengthening circuit workout utilizing hydraulic resistance machines. This exercise program is optimal for men looking to tone muscle and add definition to their physique, plus safe enough for protecting bones and preventing arthritis development. Most importantly, the equipment adjusts automatically to your level of fitness and assists in maintaining an elevated heart rate for thirty minutes. This cardiovascular routine is critical for men with a family history of heart disease, diabetes, or obesity.

The concept offers a 30-minute, circuit training and cardiovascular workout. The company has a second concept, Cuts for Women, which targets women with a 30-minute workout, as well.

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- At franchisee's location: As long as needed

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Cuts Fitness For Men
Gary Gennaro - Director of Operations
109 Lefferts Ln. - NJ 07066 - Clark - United States

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