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Imagine joining a family of restaurants that offers four different concepts to choose from, just within the Dairy Queen® system. Plus, we offer you several unique ways to become a world-class food service company, based on a group's experience and resources.

DQ and Orange Julius
This concept combines our Dairy Queen treat and Orange Julius concepts into a single store. These units feature the full line of our famous Dairy Queen products and our Orange Julius premium fruit smoothies and fruit-blended beverages. These units are located in shopping malls and other venues that are easily accessible to large numbers of consumers, including street locations. The mix of unique, quality product lines that this concept offers in a single store makes our DQ and Orange Julius concept a popular choice for impulse purchase environments.

We are currently seeking franchisees for multi-unit development in Mexico, China and in select Middle Eastern markets.

DQ Grill & Chill®
The DQ Grill & Chill restaurant concept is our flagship concept. This concept offers a total food service program, featuring the full line of our famous DQ® soft serve treat products and an all new food menu. These restaurants are designed to feature food offerings while maintaining our DQ treat heritage. The interior is warm and inviting – different from, and better than the typical quick-service restaurant.

Multi-unit Developer
Franchising more than one Dairy Queen restaurant as a corporation, partnership, or entity (not individual). If you are a serious restaurateur in search of a category leader with brand equity to add to your portfolio, this is the program for you. Many areas throughout the world are available for new and existing multi-unit development

1940 The first Dairy Queen® opens in Joliet, IL, USA. The price of a cone is $.05!
•1947 The 100th DQ opens; by the end of the decade there are over 1,400 stores!
•1951 Banana Splits appear on the menu
•1953 The first International store opens in Canada
•1955 The "Dilly" Bar debuts
•1958 DQ arrives in Central America with stores in Panama
•1961 DQ has presence in ten different countries and 4 continents!
•1962 International Dairy Queen, Inc. (IDQ) is formed
•1976 Over 75 stores are operating outside of the US and Canada
•1979 The "DQ" system debuts in the Middle East.
•1985 Marks the birth of Dairy Queen’s star product, The Blizzard®
•1987 The Dairy Queen family expands with the addition of Orange Julius® and the OJ/DQ Treat Center® is born
•1991 China’s first DQ opens in Beijing
•1996 Thailand welcomes DQ; there are now over 170 stores there!
•2001 The first DQ® Grill & Chill opens in Tennessee, USA.
•2004 DQ celebrates its 50th store in Mexico
•2004 the first Grill & Chill® Restaurant opens outside of North America, in Bahrain!
•2005 the first DQ Orange Julius® store opens in Shanghai, China

- cool treats (brownie earthquake, DQ sundaes, Banana split...)
- hamburgers (Bacon double chesseburger, hamburgers, cheeseburgers)
- chicken features
- salads
- Other items: fries, hot dogs
- cakes
- reduced fat ice cream
- Beverages

Pre-Opening Support
Site Selection
As you know, site selection is critical to the potential success of your restaurant. Our Real Estate Managers work right along side you to review our site criteria and market trade areas for the development of Dairy Queen restaurants.

If you are investing in a Dairy Queen/Orange Julius Treat Center franchise, our Lease Managers maintain relationships and ongoing contact with the major mall developers throughout the country. They review potential sites for new locations and assist you with lease negotiations.

Project Coordination
As soon as your franchise application and site are approved, we designate a New Store Project Coordinator for your restaurant. Your coordinator's job is to provide you with exceptional project assistance. Their services include helping you create an opening timeline; coordinating all of your needs with the DQ Architecture, Construction, Equipment, and Operations departments; and maintaining communication with you throughout the development process.

Our commitment to training is so strong, training tuition for three managers is included in your franchise fee for a DQ Grill & Chill restaurant and two managers for a Dairy Queen/Orange Julius Treat Center store. Our goal is to equip you with all the knowledge you need to successfully operate your restaurant. If you are investing in a DQ Grill & Chill restaurant, we provide five weeks of classroom and on-the-job training at a designated restaurant. Treat Center franchisees or operators spend three weeks training with us at the home office.

Post-Opening Support
Once your restaurant is open and operating, we're still with you every step of the way to help position your restaurant for success. Your Field Consultant, works closely with you in a number of areas, including financial management, training, product preparation, customer service, marketing, and staffing.

You also have a fully staffed and experienced Marketing team ready to help you. The initial marketing and promotion of your restaurant includes every step you need to execute an effective grand opening celebration, and create a winning marketing plan. You'll also benefit from regional and national campaigns designed to drive customer traffic and increase guest satisfaction.

We are looking for franchisees who want to create economic value for themselves while building and enhancing the Dairy Queen and Orange Julius® brands. Ask yourself these questions:

- Are you committed to leading and managing your own business?
- Do you enjoy the Dairy Queen or Orange Julius brands and want to add to their brand strength?
- Do you want to share the vision of becoming part of the franchise food system of choice?

If your answer to these questions is yes, we could have the franchise that is right for you. We also want people who have previous success in the restaurant or retail environment, supervisory or training experience, and the necessary financial resources to develop the restaurant(s) effectively.

Dairy Queen
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