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For less than the cost of getting your entire home's carpet cleaned today, entrepreneurs in the 1930s could purchase a license to operate one of America's first and oldest patented carpet cleaning franchise systems for as little as $8.50. Going into business back then seemed simple -- all one needed was the ambition, a twenty dollar bill and some singles, and a "foamovator" machine with a few accessories.

More than six decades later, the past is prologue for the new Duraclean International, an innovator in the cleaning industry. With more than 400 franchises operating throughout North America and 15 countries, Duraclean is still cleaning up in the multi-billion dollar market it helped create because it pioneered much of what still exceeds the standard in today's cleaning industry.

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The Duraclean concept was founded in 1930. Irl Marshall Sr., Duraclean’s founder, answered a challenge to find a safe and effective cleaning procedure for fine rugs. Since that humble beginning in Racine, Wisconsin, Duraclean has evolved into a multi service international franchisor. The multiple services or revenue centers allow a Duraclean franchisee the opportunity to clean every surface in a residential, commercial or institutional building. This multi-service approach fortifies the Duraclean Franchise System to offer a viable growth plan for both the Domestic and International Markets.

This growth plan starts with a comprehensive training program that is a formatted agenda to cover all of the basics and then evolves into an on-going array of continuing education. This initial training and on-going education is supported by a staff of people with over 180 years of practical experience in our industry.

The combination of a measured program, backed by experienced people, has proven to be an extremely positive first step for new Duraclean Franchises.

- Residential Carpet Cleaning
- Carpet Inspection
- Commercial Carpet Cleaning
- Comprehensive Carpet Care
- Residential Contracts
- Upholstery and Drapery Cleaning
- Ceiling and Wall Cleaning
- Water Damage Restoration
- Mold Remediation
- Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration
- Janitorial Cleaning
- Hard Surface Floor Cleaning
- Duct Cleaning
- High Pressure Washing
- Ultrasonic Cleaning

The strength of the Duraclean International is our ability to transfer real life business experiences and industry knowledge to our franchisees. Our initial training is divided into three overlapping segments that cover the new franchisees start-up services. The segments include home-based training, with manuals, videos and computer-based materials. The second is in the field training to cover the hands-on technical side of the services and the third segment is an in-depth, five-day, "Success Institute" Training experience at our Central Office.

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