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Firehouse Subs
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Rescuing customers from monotonous meals. Rescuing businesses from boring lunch alternatives. Rescuing neighborhood charities from missed opportunities. We believe in making a difference, all the way from award-winning food to the boundaries of the communities we’re privileged to support. We will continue this rescue effort through creative, innovative expansion throughout America. Because we believe no one should have to endure a meal that doesn’t light up their day.

After feeding their fellow firefighters for years, Chris and Robin Sorensen discovered the secret of a sub that would satisfy even the most heroic of appetites. Make it big. Make it hot. Make it with mounds of the finest quality meats, cheeses and vegetables. And most importantly, steam it.

Following in their parents’ entrepreneurial boot steps, Chris and Robin spent nearly two years researching and experimenting with different ways to make their subs and run their business. And in October of 1994, after pooling together funds that included contributions from friends, family and even Robin’s mother-in-law’s credit card (with her permission, of course), the first Firehouse Subs was opened in Jacksonville, Florida.

But Chris and Robin realized that it would take more than just a great sub and one shop to be successful. They wanted to provide superior service to every customer in every community. They wanted customers to feel at home. They wanted to create a family dining atmosphere in which customers would want to linger and have a good time. And according to our customers, that’s exactly what they’ve done.

- hot speciality subs
- hot subs "from the stearner"
- cold subs
- hot sub combos
- salads & chili
- kid's menu
- sides
- chief's platters


The approval and training happens in phases. It's extensive and intensive.

An initial dialogue takes place with a Firehouse Area Rep. Then potential franchisees attend an exploration orientation called Day of Discovery in Jacksonville's corporate office. After an overview of the Firehouse story, each of the company's four principals conducts a separate interview.
Subsequent to approval by the four principals, an application and an initial deposit are submitted, a franchisee profile is evaluated, and a background investigation is conducted. The potential franchisee then works 100 hours in a store… rotating through every job position. Following approval, the franchise agreement is executed, a site is located and a lease is signed. The trainee then begins an even more-aggressive educational track in a specially-designated AR's store lasting 4-6 weeks.

Finally, a Jacksonville-based company veteran takes the candidates through two weeks of training in an advanced program designed solely to maximize strengths. A certification/training facility in Jacksonville has computer systems, registers and an actual working store that's part of the complex. Franchise candidates who successfully complete this final program are officially certified and--if they meet all other conditions--may open a Firehouse Subs® restaurant.


You will receive marketing and advertising support (emphasizing a neighborhood-marketing methodology). Your local marketing co-op will represent your interests in business-building decisions. In addition, you’ll benefit from ongoing training, research and development of new products, regular dialogues with your AR, operations support and periodic business counseling.


Firehouse Subs
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3410 Kori Rd. - FL 32257 - Jacksonville - United States

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