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Help-U-Sell real estate
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Rated not only as one of the best franchises, but one of the fastest growing, Help-U-Sell is revitalizing the real estate industry with programs and strategies that allow consumers to save money and real estate professionals to achieve higher profits.

Sound like an anomaly? It's not. Help-U-Sell's successful business model is based upon sound business practices:

Give consumers what they want
Today's homeowners use technologies including their computer and the internet to try to sell their own homes. Knowing this, Help-U-Sell gives consumers the option of participating in the sale of their home. Through our menu-driven system, consumers select those initiatives they would like to be responsible for and we agree on those items which we will be responsible for. A fee is then set and both parties know exactly what each other is responsible to do.

Become more efficient
By allowing consumers to do some of the legwork, the real estate professional becomes more efficient and can spend more time on those areas that really need a professional's expertise. Higher efficiency means more profits.

Forget about traditional mega-office approaches
Help-U-Sell's concept works best when top agents strike out on their own and capitalize on energetic and innovative sales practices. The team model approach that we've developed allows agents to work with a small team and become highly profitable.

One of the reasons for our growth is the level of support we provide our franchise owners. As an organization, we have recruited an experienced regional support network to ensure that our offices have the knowledge, tools and training to be effective in their markets.

Broker-centric Business Model
We've built our business model around two key people: the consumer and the broker. We've streamlined the traditional real estate office model so you won't find cubicles filled with agents and all the accompanying costs of that structure. What you will find is a capable, efficient support team working under the broker's direction to complete every aspect of a sale or purchase.

In-depth Training
Your training begins with the intensive Help-U-Sell® University program. You will learn how to market your business successfully and manage your office efficiently. We will train you on how to evaluate your market and your operations on an ongoing basis. You'll also study our outstanding customer relations program — one of the best in the industry!

Once completed, you'll leave the workshop with a detailed business plan and targeted market analysis complete with manuals and guides for reference. Another resource we give you is The Post University Office System, a 10-module total office management and coaching system. “A sequel” to Help-U-Sell University, this system provides additional information and training that guides you through your first year of business.

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Help-U-Sell real estate
Jeanne Strayer - Training Manager, Franchise Operations
900 W. Castleton Rd., #230 - CO 80109 - Castle Rock - United States

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