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Plantaciones de Origen
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Plantaciones de Origen is currently one of the most prestigious operators regarding coffee shops, with more than 60 establishments all through Spain and abroad. The quality of their raw materials and the perfect mastery of their know-how made this trademark the perfect alternative for all types of clientele.

Since 1890, date in which our company was created, Caffé Rovi has accumulated generations teaching coffee culture.
In this way, our denomination of roaster masters precedes us since our founder, Mr. Juan Roure started the coffee and tea import and roasting activity, thanks to its professionalism and its most handcrafted techniques.
Currently, the Roure family leads our company, keeping the same philosophy of its founder, making of Caffé Rovi one of the most well-known and prestigious brands in the hostelling and catering industries.
Since 1996, the company has created a concept of commercial establishments for the sale and tasting of coffees, teas and combinations called PLANTACIONES DE ORIGEN. Their success has changed the coffee shops concept and now these establishments are open to all consumers under the franchise regime.

Our main concern has always been how to transmit the coffee´s delight to our customer. In this way, with our know-how, we are proud to make enjoy even the most demanding palates.
The PLANTACIONES DE ORIGEN range is mainly formed by 8 different coffee qualities, plus one decaffeinated; which includes from the softest to the strongest coffees. To complete our variety of coffees, we have imported from the most exclusive plantations of the world, more than 20 tea varieties, which range between the black teas to the most exotic ones, such as our blends.

The franchisee´s profile is to have a commercial facility in a city above 30.000 inhabitants, in a high traffic surface (commercial centres, airports, maritime stations...). To have economic resources to make front to the initial necessary investment, to have an entrepreneurial spirit, due that by means of the franchise, the franchisee shall be the only owner of his future business.

Plantaciones de Origen
Pedro Lopes - .
Carretera C- 245 Km.. 9,300 - 08830 - SANT BOI DE LLOBREGAT ( BARCELONA ) - Spain

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