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Priority development : International
Countries/Regions already covered : Western Europe, Australia, China, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, United States
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Houses now and into the future are required to meet ever increasing
environmental energy rating standards. With the current and growing trend of larger windows and indoor / outdoor living, high energy rated windows will be required.

Protect-A-Window’s WindowSKIN™ PAW55 is the only cost effective product in the world that can protect energy efficient glass. And with the increased use of special glass types that are more expensive and easily
damaged Protect-A-Window and its product WindowSKIN™ PAW55 is set to become a standard requirement on all construction sites.

PAW is also developing many new products and services specifically for
temporary protection during construction.

Protect-A-Window is the brain child of John Gregory (Managing Director of Protect-A-Window). During many years as a builder and also operating a construction cleaning business John experienced the increasing problem of scratched glass.

John developed a product in 1991 that could be sprayed onto windows and hosed off taking all the building debris and dirt with it and with this
product he launched Protect-A-Window. This first product was named PAW40. John developed a large business on the Gold Coast in Queensland with over 70 builders using Protect-A-Window.

PAW40 had many limitation including it would wash off in rain and it was a flammable and hazardous material – this had to change. All through the early years of Protect-A-Window John searched the globe in search of any product or material that could be used affectively to protect windows during construction – none prevailed.

John eventually commissioned a chemist here in Australia to develop a
product specific to his needs. This new product had to be water-based
(non hazardous) and be resistant to rain. Using their combined knowledge a product now known as WindowSKIN™ PAW55 was developed. The technology for this product is still far in advance of any other known product.

The WindowSKIN™ PAW55 product used today is actually version VIII as the product is continually being modified and improved. Protect-A-Window is now a well known business thanks to its award winning product WindowSKIN™ PAW55 and its many Franchisees.

PAW offers a unique service that provides superior long lasting and practical temporary protection to windows to prevent scratch damage to glass and frames during construction.

PAW uses its own unique multi award winning product WindowSKINTM PAW55 - a water based peelable coating developed specifically for the demanding task of protecting windows for long periods of time whilst enabling the windows to open and close as normal.

Protect-A-Window Franchisees receive the following advantages
1) There is only a minor charge for the Franchise mainly for nominal
administration, legal and inventory cost
2) You do all your own invoicing and run your own business
3) You do not pay a fixed fee or a percentage of your business for
royalty as the royalty is built into the price of PAW’s products.
4) Your Territory is not exclusive but your clients are (with conditions)

Qualifications and Background Business : acumen, sales with building experience an advantage

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