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TSS Photography
Priority development : Australia, New Zealand, United States
Countries/Regions already covered : Australia, New Zealand, United States
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In 1983, Carl Hansson and Dan Burgner founded The Sports Section, Inc., an on-site youth and sports photography company. The company opened its first franchise in 1984 and is currently franchise across 45 states as well as Canada, Australia and New Zealand. With over 225 franchise units in the network family, The Sports Section photographs over 1.5 million children every year.

In 2000, The Sports Section, Inc. expanded into the special event/action photography market and, in 2003, added a new school division called TSS Photography. Currently, TSS Photography is the "Picture Day" photographer for schools throughout the United States, New Zealand and Australia.

In 2005, the company changed its name from The Sports Section to TSS Photography. The TSS Photography brand now encompasses both sports and school photography, as well as photography for corporations, church groups and other community organizations.

TSS Photography also introduced a new school art program in 2005 called "Young Masters" where parents can have TSS transfer their children's drawings onto mugs, mouse pads, sweatshirts, tote bags and other memorabilia/gift items.

For over two decades, TSS Photography has been bringing the best in youth and sports memories to millions of happy customers. We offer the largest variety of products in the youth & sports photography industry from sports photo bottles and dog tags to posters and stadium cards. Each year we strive to bring new and innovative products to your customers, giving them keepsakes they can treasure forever. Many of our products are unique and customized for TSS customers only. With over 250 product combinations, there is something for everyone.

In-Field Photo Training
One of our professional photographers travels to your location for instruction in the following areas:
- Use Of Lenses
- Film & Camera Settings
- Lighting & Shading Techniques
- Posing Methods
-Use of Photography Equipment
- Picture Day Procedures
- Troubleshooting Techniques
- Staff Hiring and Development

In-Field Sales Training
Trained Professional travels to your location for three days to:
- Identify Sales Opportunities
- Assist With Sales Calls
- Set Up Your Office
- Analyze the Market and Competition
- Locate Key Sources Of Contact Information
- Establish and Outline Your Business

TSS University
TSS University Offers:
- Advanced Sales & Marketing Techniques
- Lab Tour & Order Processing Session
- Indoor/Outdoor Photography Training
- Picture Day Follow Up Process
- Customer Service Forum
- Business Development Forma
- Website Utilization
- Unique Chance to Meet Fellow Franchisees and HQ Staff

Do I need Photography or Sales Experience?
TSS offers training programs that address all phases of our business. It is not necessary to have photography or sales experience. We offer in-field one-on-one training, as well as corporate classroom training.

TSS Photography
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