August 13th, 2007
Interview with Jeff Sturgis, Vice-President of Fantastic Sam

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Interviewer : Rodolphe Hatchadourian
Interviewees : Jeff Sturgis (Vice-President )

Jeff Sturgis, Vice-President of Fantastic Sam's hair Salons, answered all our questions on his company, regarding its concept and development.

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Hello Mr Sturgis, could you please explain the concept of Fantastic Sam to us?
Fantastic Sams is the largest full service chain of hair salons with nearly 1400 locations. We offer a full range of hair services, at a value oriented price point and in a casually upscale environment. We are also a unisex salon.

On what market does Fantastic Sams have businesses?
We cater to all clientele men, women and children in all demographics and incomes.

You are now developing in the USA and Canada. Are there any other countries where you might go?
USA and Canada are the only countries where we are currently developing salons.

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